Costume Designer | Educator | Collaborator



As a costume designer, I see the work I do as a storyteller.  I am interpreting the words written by the playwright and offering support to the development of character through clothing.   I am sculpting the silhouette the audience first sees and providing color and texture to the world of the play.  Through my design choices I can both help and hinder the way an audience views a character, influence how characters physically move in the space, and offer insight on a character’s journey from beginning to end. 


Men On Boats

Directed by Susan Coromel
September 2019
Willamette University Theatre

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

Directed by Marina McClure
February 2020
Willamette University Theatre

Blood Wedding

Directed by Jonathan Cole
April 2020
Willamette University Theatre

Looking For Tiger Lily

Directed by Michael Mendelson
May 2020
Artists Repertory Theatre @Portland Center Stage


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